The hunt for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Dagger (available now)


If you go to the Toys “R” Us website right now and search for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Dagger, you will see a pre-order link with a release date of March 18, 2013 and a price of $79.99.

Yesterday there was a post on The Official Power Morphicon Convention Facebook Page where a fan has already picked up his dagger at Toys “R” Us. Well later on, I decided to go to my local Toys “R” Us, and they said they had none. They only had a small selection of Power Rangers goodies, mostly all MegaForce, so I thought it could have been a joke.

I drove down to Culver City for an event and had some free time, so I went to another Toys “R” Us and saw that there was a large empty area and a price tag that said Dragon Dagger $79.99. I went over to the Customer Service section and they confirmed they had it, but it sold out quickly, as did all the other shops that had them (some stores didn’t get them). I was pretty bummed and gave up. I decided to give it another shot and called my local TRU after work the next day. I find out they had some in stock, but it was gone within 3 hours of opening….FML. They told me there was a store that had it, but the problem was it was an hour away with no traffic.

It is not fun hunting these down, as some people are buying them to resell on eBay and flipping them for over $200. Luckily I was told most of the stores know how rare it is and are limiting one per customer, but seeing as each store only gets 4 at a time makes it harder.

Currently these have only been seen in California and has not been confirmed if any other state carries them.

Let us know if you have seen or picked one up.

If you just want any version of the Dagger then simply pre-ordering it from Toys “R” Us will make sure you get one.

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