Atari Warlords Review (XBLA)


Cory’s Take: I honestly went into this review with absolutely zero expectations, and the game was still pretty lame. Think of the game as a 4-player Pong except with fireballs instead of a little white ball…not a bad idea right? Well the game couldn’t leave well enough and decided to take this concept and wrap it in a Castle Crasher meets Happy Wars art style and beat it down with an annoying slap stick comedy routine.

We went into this review blind with a four player free for all match, and both Aaron and myself were immediately overwhelmed and confused by the chaos going on in the middle of the screen. We figured it best we go through the tutorial. The tutorial was fully animated and would have been much more annoying had it not been for the ‘humor’ they attempted to incorporate.

Knowing the mechanics and control scheme made for slightly more fun, but after only three or four matches, we all felt pretty burnt out on the game. There was an unfortunate lack of ‘WHOOOAAA’ moments that make awesome couch multiplayer games.

One positive about the game is that you do have full range of customizing multiplayer matches, like switching whether you want to play classic mode, how many fireballs are on the field, and bot difficulty.

Warlords is a retro classic game, but the added mechanics and childish animations did nothing but tarnish what was originally great about the game. If you are going to tell me to just play the game in classic mode, I say to you then just purchase the 2008 remake of the game that is also in the XBLA Marketplace for $2.99. Nothing more I can really say, except I played this game with a couple of my best friends. We learned all the rules, but just didn’t have fun.

Grade: D



Aaron’s Take: Atari’s Warlords is a remake of an old 1980s classic, with some modern day twists to it. The problem is that the game most likely should have stayed in the past. If you have ever played games like Breakout or the original Warlords, then you get the basics of this new remake.

You defend your base from a bouncing fireball by moving a shield around in front of your castle. Simplistic to begin, the game gets more in depth as you progress. The addition of little minions you can send from your castle to other players castles to destroy them did not add to the fun, and it just made things more confusing and congested in a game as simplistic as Warlords. A black knight roams around from time to time attacking your castle, but it just seems to be there to take your attention away from the multitude of things going on. There are too many mini things that hog the screen, and this makes the experience not enjoyable.

The online aspect provides a very limited amount of fun, and the single player campaign is entirely useless… So that just leaves you with just a couch to play with friends, but realistically there are way better games than this on XBLA that will actually keep friends around. Even for the cheap price ($4.99 on XBLA and $9.99 PSN) and old school nostalgia, I would still make this a definite pass.

Grade: F

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