Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 demo out today


Square Enix has released a lot of trailers for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 and I do mean a lot to hype the game and Lightning’s important role in the last 13 days of Pulse.

The demo is currently available on Xbox Live, as well as as PSN  and be available in Europe tomorrow. In the demo, Lightning is in the city of Yusnaan searching for Snow Villiers who has lost his way after the events of FFXIII-2.

Lightning_Returns__Final_Fantasy_XIII_57187Playing the demo also rewards you with some goodies to transfer over to the main game, just playing the demo gives you the Utsusemi Samurai outfit, and using the Outerworld service social media feature to upload your battle score rewards you with Seigfried’s outfit from Final Fantasy 6.

If you like the demo and plan on purchasing the game make sure to preorder it before it’s February 11th release date as Amazon is including the Yuna outfit DLC, along with the Cloud Strife outfit.

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