Norman Reedus gets zombie pranked!

Zombie Prank

Many fans dream of meeting their favourite celebrities face-to-face, but imagine if you actually got to prank one? Nick Santonastasso, with the help of The Walking Dead cast a crew, was able to do just that.

Santonastasso has already received some attention online for his “zombie pranks” where he will surprise strangers in public settings. In addition to classical zombie make-up, Santonastasso uses the fact that he is missing both legs and most of his right arm to his advantage in completing the illusion. Film and television have actually have a long history of casting amputees as zombies, so it’s not difficult to see where Santonastasso found his inspiration.

However, Santonastasso got to complete his most star-studded scare to date when the production team of AMC’s The Walking Dead flew him out to Tokyo to spook Daryl Dixon himself, actor Norman Reedus. Check out the video!

While Reedus doesn’t exactly fall out of his chair in terror, he certainly is surprised and immediately recognizes Santonastasso. Despite the stream of obscenities coming from Reedus after the surprise he’s an excellent sport, living up to his reputation as an actor that’s extremely kind to his fans.

The second half of The Walking Dead‘s 4th season will return to AMC on February 9th.

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