Next League of Legends character, Velkoz, leaked

We’ve been asking for a new machine, and Riot has finally delivered. The newest champion to grace the fields of justice will be Velkoz. Velkoz looks to be an AP carry with more lasers than ever before.

Velkoz 2 velkoz 1His abilities are:

Plasma Fission – A ranged single target to AOE nuke laser with a pretty short cooldown. Also the mana cost is pretty low compared to other AP spammables.

Void Rift – Another laser, but one that persists on the battlefield for 3 seconds. Enemies that pass through it take higher initial damage with some reduction afterwards.

Tectonic Disruption – Much like Cho’gath’s rupture, it’s an AOE nuke which disrupts and slightly knocks back.

Lifeform Disintegration Ray – An ultimate with similar qualities to that of Lucian’s. High initial damage and amazing minion wave clear.

At first I would be hesitant to post something like this, but seeing the minion VU upgraded as well in the image with his skills, I’m quite sure somebody wouldn’t go through this much trouble just to troll us.

This champion can also be seen in Viktor’s Splash art.

I personally welcome our new machine AP mid overlord.

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