CES 2014: Turtle Beach’s Next-Gen Headsets and HyperSound Technology


This year at CES, we visited Turtle Beach’s booth in the South Hall. Turtle Beach is most known for their high-end headsets in the competitive gaming sphere. We reviewed the PX22, the official headset for Major League Gaming, a while back. Coming up we have next-gen headsets, and a technology that’ll blow you away.

The first thing to greet us were two huge headsets gateways with real sound playing out of them. Shortly after we spoke with David, Turtle Beach’s PR guy about the new toys gamers will have to use this coming year.

First up is the Titanfall Atlas headset, which bears a lot of resemblence to Turtle Beach’s previous offerings like the XO Four. They collaborated with the guys at Respawn to bring this cool looking headset complete with a cyberpunk look to it (complete with Japanese characters).  What is unique is that it will also ship with their upcoming XboxOne adapter, something that they’re still working with Microsoft in order to allow the headsets to work on XboxOne.IMG_7323  IMG_7327

On the PS4 side of things, they’ve got the PX4, a wireless Playstation 4 headset that uses a dual band WiFi adapter to allow you to add surround sound to your gaming experience. Turtle Beach told me that these will also work on PC so you won’t have to purchase a different headset.


After we demoed all the cool new headsets coming out, we were introduced to HyperSound, a company that Turtle Beach recently acquired. Most people are familiar that when you create sounds, the sounds waves are projected equally around you. What if you could project that sound in a certain direction much like a laser beam? Enter their HyperSound Panels. The sound is beamed so only to people that walk through it can hear it. You can’t hear it outside of the beam so there’s no accidental noise pollution. David spoke to me about a lot of the experimental applications that HyperSound is currently undergoing, like assisting those with hearing loss. Think about watching a movie with multilingual tracks playing on different channels! That would be a trip.

Turtle Beach admits that the technology is still in development and must progress enough to be used in consumer applications, but they are optimistic about where it will take them. I hope Turtle Beach goes somewhere with this technology because it’s one of those things that can potentially change the consumer audioscape.


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