Superman and Wonder Woman heat things up in Superman/Wonder Woman #4

Superman Wonder Woman_Cv4_ds-665x1024

I always thought that Superman and Wonder Woman were a better pair than Superman and Lois Lane. With the Superman/Wonder Woman comic series, we get just that.

The Nerdist has gotten the preview for Superman/Wonder Woman #4 that features the two heroes graced on the cover, about to go for an intense make-out session. Their relationship advances as General Zod is planning something devious. The 32-page issue goes on sale January 15, 2014 (retails for $3.99 US/Combo Pack Edition: $4.99).

Superman Wonder Woman_Cv4_1_25_var

Superman Wonder Woman_4_5

Superman Wonder Woman_4_4

Superman Wonder Woman_4_3

Superman Wonder Woman_4_2

Superman Wonder Woman_4_1

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  • Capone

    Yeaaaah…Only problem with this story line is you just changed about 75 years of Superman mythos. Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster are rolling over in their graves right now.

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