Happy Birthday, Dr. Stephen Hawking!

On the short list of recognizable, modern, scientific luminaries, Dr. Stephen Hawking is at the top. A former professor of mathematics at Cambridge, Hawking became a celebrity when the publication of his book, A Brief History of Time became an international bestseller. Dr. Hawking has been one of the guiding influences in the world of physics, becoming one of the most recognizable faces in the celebration of science in the late 20th/early 21st centuries, (You know you’ve made it when you are a guest on both The Simpsons and Futurama.) His books (A Briefer History of Time, Black Holes and Baby Universe and The Universe in a Nutshell) and televisions specials (Stephen Hawking’s Universe) have gone a long way in bringing science and ideas to the general public.

As Dr. Hawking turns 72 today, I could think of few things better than sharing a bit of his wisdom with the NR readership.

“One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don’t throw it away.”

(In a 2010 interview with Dianne Sawyer)

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