YouTuber Clash blasts Machinima’s poor management

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“Stay away from Machinima.” That’s a powerful statement from someone who’s been working with the network for over two and a half years.

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Yesterday, Clash, a let’s-play YouTuber that operates under the Machinima banner with over 188,000 subscribers, took to his channel to voice his anger and frustration with Machinima in what he called “A Video for Machinima.” In the video, Clash expressed that he has felt as though Machinima has offered him no support over the years, ignored his questions, and kept him in the dark about the revenue of his channel all while taking credit for his growing success. He also explains the impact of new YouTube policies for networks, and how it has essentially removed any and all benefit for belonging to a network with YouTube’s recent copyright bot crackdown. A particularly poignant moment is when Clash describes how Machinima placed ads on a video of his which he made to work through some of his grief over the approaching death of his dog, Tide, which he had intentionally not monetized.

Ultimately, Clash’s video is a well worded expression of the frustrations of many and is growing in popularity quickly. Clash says in the video that he refuses to monetize his channel further by placing ads on it, and will not monetize this or any of his future videos. Instead asking for donations to keep his channel running, Clash says that he feels like this is the only way in which he can get Machinima’s attention. Public response has been extremely positive this far, with the original video about the passing of Clash’s dog becoming covered in the comment “#riptide #downwithmachinima.”

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