Videogame BANG! Episode #12: 2014 BANG it? or BANG it!

VideoGame BangHAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Videogame BANG! is back from our longest lay off in our podcasts’ history. We want to set this as a disclaimer to those of you who are regular listeners of the show, that in 2014 everything is changing. We’ve have turned our format completely upside down and added some thing I think everyone will enjoy.

Wednesdays have a new look as Cory and Aaron welcome in a NEW PLAYER to VGB. She has been a friend and a scholar for many a moon, and she dives into the show along side everyone’s favorite jerk: Steven Gutierrez. Her Name is Madison and she is part geek, part martial artist, mostly robot, and 100% Awesome!

As we blast into 2014 this week, the team, as per usual, reports and laughs at, the gaming industries top stories. Talk about the games you should be playing, and in this special episode we look at and break down the top 10 most anticipated games, as told by CNN.. yes CNN.. with a new segment we like to call BANG it! or BANG it?

Lace up your Sketchers and fill up your Frito Lays, And lets usher in the new year Game BANG! style!

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