Laika’s stop-motion animation, The Boxtrolls, gets a new trailer

It’s now one of my main missions when promoting this movie to inform people that The Boxtrolls is NOT a film by Tim Burton. The trailer for Boxtrolls premiered this

Joel Schumacher’s failed Batman Triumphant gets performed in its entirety

Joel Schumacher originally planned Batman Triumphant to be the next sequel after Batman and Robin. Well, we all know what happened after Batman and Robin was released. Now 1337LoungeLive’s “Comic

Contest: The Wolverine 2-disc Blu-ray

Are you guys ready for another giveaway? We sure are. We’ve teamed up with Fox to host The Wolverine Giveaway Contest. There will be two winners, and they will receive

Update on the Witchblade and Darkness movie

Top Cow has created a name for two of their comic book series with Witchblade and The Darkness. Witchblade already has a live-action TV series and anime under its belt.

Xbox One vs. PS4 during Black Friday weekend – Who wins?

The console war is still brewing, and many gamers were wondering who won during the Black Friday weekend. Microsoft sold over a million Xbox One units worldwide during the 1st day

Videogame BANG! #8: Wii U Console/Games Review

What’s up, pizzas?! You might think it’s weird that four grown men and one 16-year-old kid all gathered together and spent an entire evening playing Wii U (the 16 year

Awkward Conversations #67: Getting Bent and Awkward

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS The Awkward Gang takes on Bent-Con 2013! Awkwardness galore live at the Bent-Con convention in Burbank. Follow Awkward Conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

Lindsay Lohan siccing lawyers on Rockstar for GTA V

Just when we thought Hollywood’s biggest train wreck couldn’t do anything else to make herself look bad, this apparently becomes a thing. Actress Lindsay Lohan, known for her role as

‘Fast and Furious’ cast reacts to the passing of Paul Walker

Many fans were shocked and saddened by the news of the unsuspected passing of Fast and Furious star Paul Walker. The 40-year-old actor was riding along with a friend in

MuseMini UberBuds Review

MuseMini has been around since 2010 and has created a variety of sound products that can be utilized with any piece of tech as long as it has Bluetooth technology.