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PhantomL0rd-reddit00December 30, 2013. On this day, League of Legends servers for North America and Europe were turned offline. Later in the day, Oceania was also turned offline. A hacking group, DERP, claimed on Twitter that it was their operations that sent the popular MOBA’s servers offline. Other gaming servers, Quake Live, DOTA 2, Club Penguin,, and, were also reported to be taken offline. There is someone who is at the focus of this incident, and that is Twitch streamerĀ PhantomL0rd. Although there is no evident connection between DERP and PhantomL0rd, he was the target of trolling to the highest caliber.

My colleague, David Shabah, relayed information to me earlier in the day. At 1PM PST, with a Twitch viewership of 27 thousand, playing League of Legends on Europe’s servers, was in the middle of a match when the servers went down. Not one to be let down by the shutdown, Phantom moved on to DOTA 2, disbelieving that DERP were the ones who had shutdown the League of Legends – North American servers earlier. DOTA 2 was then shut down, followed by Club Penguin (because PhantomL0rd was trying to play it). Attempts at communication between PhantomL0rd and DERP occurred, through Twitter and Ventrilo. The commotion died down around 3PM, until about 4PM when someone called the police on PhantomL0rd. The reason for the arrest was that an anonymous tip reported that there was a hostage situation at the address. Fortunately, PhantomL0rd was not taken to jail.

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PhantomL0rd offers his thoughts to being hacked and arrested on YouTube.

All servers that were affected by the shutdowns are currently online as of this posting. Much of the screenshots were taken of the conversations between both parties, as you may find here on Reddit. When asked by PhantomL0rd for the reasoning behind the infiltration, members of DERP admitted it to doing those actions for amusement – for the “Lulz”, as well as for testing purposes. David noted that the flow of dialogue between both parties were often interrupted by the Ventrilo server shutting down, with DERP admitting it wasn’t them. DERP and PhantomL0rd are in good spirits with each other and no other incidents have occurred thus far.

But the fallout of this incident was not limited between DERP and PhantomL0rd. In this recording by Sky_mp3 on Twitch, he conveys his thoughts and experiences that stemmed from merely mentioning PhantomL0rd, before becoming a victim to account hacking. Sky’s account information and personal information were accessed and divulged, allowing several individuals to access and use his account. A perpetrator expressed to Sky that it only took 10 minutes to locate and access those accounts, which shocked Sky immensely. Based on the recording, it appears Sky is trying to keep his mood up while assessing his mortality.

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