Eroge game ‘almost’ voted Readers’ Best Game of the Year

We have a top list here and a top list there. We can see these types of end-of-the-year lists everywhere! Well, except for me at the moment, but in light of all these lists going on, there’s always one nominee that stands out above the rest. Over at Kotaku, there’s one that definitely sticks out like a sore thumb with frostbite.

list graph

Is it Stanley’s Parabell or Parablee?

Although a little blurry, you can see that a lot of big titles are up there. Notice that one second to the top. Yeah. Monster Girl Quest 3. I’m not even going to guess what that one is about, but all I’m going to say is this…or rather, post my reaction.


No words. There are no words for this.

I couldn’t tell you if the people who up-voted the game are truly fans of it or are just trolling, because if you read the comments in the article, it seems to be played from both sides. What do ya’ll think?

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