These anime pizzas featuring Tiger & Bunny look so good you can’t eat them

The Japanese branch of Pizza company, Dominos, is known to have whacky ad campaigns. Earlier in the year, they introduced a smartphone app featuring Hatsune Miku, awkwardly introduced by the president of Dominoes himself.

This time, in preparation for the next Tiger and Bunny movie, Tiger & Bunny the Movie – Rising-, Domino’s Pizza have been cooking up some pizza decorations featuring characters from the show:


Kotetsu Kaburagi


Fire Emblem


Barnaby Brooks Jr

Tiger & Bunny is about a world where real superheroes fight crime as part of the game show for entertainment. Domino’s itself is featured in the anime, amongst other well-known brands. You can watch Tiger & Bunny for free on Funimation¬†and Hulu.

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