Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor Behind the Lens and deleted scene!


*UPDATE: We were also given Strax’s report on the Doctor’s regeneration. It’s just a funny report he is giving regarding the Doctor’s potential new look.


If you were able to catch the Christmas special last night, BBC has released a deleted scene from the episode and a Behind the Lens from the episode.

The deleted scene was very minor and just hinted how much the Doctor loves the Christmas crackers (if you don’t know British tradition, they break open a cracker box with a paper hat, toy and a joke).

The Behind the Lens really gives you the sweet moments of Matt Smith’s last episode (unless he joins in on the other anniversary specials) as the Doctor. They talk to all the characters in the episode including the SFX crew and the casts. Headwriter Steven Moffat talks about the 11th regeneration and we see the cast tear up… and you will tear up as well.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Doctor Who, you need to watch this.

Thank you Matt Smith for the memories!

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