KontrolFreek: The thumbstick enhancer that’ll improve your FPS skills

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When I first heard about the KontrolFreek thumbstick enhancer, I thought they were going to be gimmicky. The accessories were designed to improve your skills on FPS games including the Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield franchises. Simply attach these suckers on top of your left and right analog sticks and start seeing some improvements. After playing many online sessions using these, my shooting skills have significantly increased.

KontrolFreek has many different options for its analog stick enhancers. We were able to test out the FPS Freek Phantom, CQC, SNIPR, and VIPR.

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If you like to get up and personal with your enemy, the Freek CQC would be your preferred Freek enhancer. By just giving you a tad more length, you’ll have more range of motions while not sacrificing the quick maneuverability.

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If you’re more of a mid-to-long-range shooter, then the VIPR and the Phantom (designed for fans of Call of Duty: Ghosts) would be your best bet. The range of motion increases by 40%, giving you more room for accurate shots and the ability to vary how fast your movements are.

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My favorite one is the Freek SNIPR. Even though it’s advertised for just long-range players, I use this for my close and mid-range tactics as well. This definitely helped me earn more kills, and the extended length will allow you to move as fast and slow as you’d like. With more range to move, aiming becomes easier using either your sniper or assault rifle (a part of me feels like I’m cheating by using these).

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A word of caution, the KontrolFreek thumbstick enhancers will take some time getting used to, depending on the player. I let a friend test these out, and they took a bit longer to getting the hang of it.

Even though the KontrolFreek enhancers I used were made for the Xbox 360 and PS3, it also works well with the PS4’s DualShock 4. These are highly recommended if you want to improve your video game shooting skills.

You can purchase them at the Kontrol Freek site.

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