Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Easter egg in Disney’s Frozen and more


Pixar films have been known to feature a lot of Easter eggs containing characters from many of their movies. Now Walt Disney Animation is catching up with the Easter eggs craziness by also adding characters/items from their previous films.

One of the Easter eggs includes Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled making a small cameo in Disney’s Frozen. Check out the image above and you can see the two in the bottom-left corner during Elsa’s coronation.


Here you can see Anna and her love for chocolates. What’s that on the right? It’s treats coming from Sugar Rush in Wreck-It Ralph.


When Anna visits Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna to look for some winter gear, you can see Mickey Mouse making a cameo as a plush on one of the lower shelves (it’s pretty tiny, but you can see it).



In the scene when Anna is singing “For the First Time in Forever”, you can see her mimicking a pose from a painting. That painting, which was completed during the development phase of Tangled, is from artist Lisa Keene and is based on “The Swing” by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

Frozen is currently in theaters and was the #1 movie in America this past week.

Source: Disney

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