Call of Duty: Ghosts, new ‘The Wolf’ guard dog skin to be released December 12th


So, it’s happening again. Horse armor. Well, not exactly, but it’s pretty close. For PC gamers, skins sold through micro-transactions are nothing new. We see it among almost every popular PC title released in the past five years. For console gamers, this is still an evolving trend. GameStop employees have begun stocking shelves with the new DLC for Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, a skin for the 5 killstreak guard dog called “The Wolf”.

Ghost Dogs, woo!

Ghost Dogs, woo!

For those who haven’t played Ghosts yet, this is not the same as the high-level killstreak in Modern Warfare, which calls a pack of attack dogs. It is, however, one guard dog, which can now be this awesome wolf. Hopefully, this goes further than just the skin and changes animation/audio for the guard dog as well.

You can purchase it at all GameStops and through the online store tomorrow on December 12th. As for the price, well, we don’t know yet, but my best guess would be aroung $5-10.

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