Xbox One vs. PS4 during Black Friday weekend – Who wins?

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The console war is still brewing, and many gamers were wondering who won during the Black Friday weekend. Microsoft sold over a million Xbox One units worldwide during the 1st day of its launch, and Sony sold over a million PlayStation 4 units in just the U.S. alone on day one.

With Black Friday hitting, it marked the launch of the PS4 in the UK. The console sold nearly 250,000 units in 48 hours compared to Xbox One’s 150,000 for its 48-hour launch window.

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So how did the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fare in the States? According to retail data analytics company InfoScout, the Xbox One triumphs with 31% compared to PS4’s 15% at Walmart and Target in the console market. One thing to note is that the availability of the PS4 hasn’t been able to meet demand (due to production shortages). It looks like Microsoft was able to capitalize on Sony’s shortages, and the Xbox 360 being cheaper at Walmart for $99 compared to the PS3’s $149 also helped.

As for me, I was looking to buy a PS4, and I had a really tough time trying to get one (yes, I wasn’t smart enough to pre-order). Many retailers that I called had no clue when the second wave would arrive, with most of them saying to look for it on Black Friday. I was lucky enough that a Best Buy store has told me that another store had a bunch in stock, so I quickly snagged it right away the next day.

Whatever the case, this is a nice healthy competition between two video game giants.

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