Lindsay Lohan siccing lawyers on Rockstar for GTA V

lindsay_lohanJust when we thought Hollywood’s biggest train wreck couldn’t do anything else to make herself look bad, this apparently becomes a thing. Actress Lindsay Lohan, known for her role as a child star in the movie The Parent Trap, as well as her later fall from grace, is reportedly sending her lawyers after Rockstar games for using her likeness in Grand Theft Auto V.

According to TMZ, Lohan’s lawyers are putting together a case consisting of three scenarios where she believes the company used her likeness without permission. One side mission has players helping a supposed Lohan look-alike in escaping from the paparazzi, while another side mission has the player taking photos of a woman at a place resembling the Chateau Marmont, where Lohan formally resided.

The last instance has Lohan claiming that Rockstar used her likeness as a model for the bikini woman used in marketing ads. In this case, the actual model, Shelby Welinder, has come forward providing her invoice for the project as proof that she was the model used.

The chances of this actually going to court is minimal, as the cases used are likely designed as references to Lohan’s hilarious troubles with the law and the public eye, as well as other Hollywood jokes regarding vain celebrities, and don’t specifically mention her by name.

Michael Revis

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  • Keenan Quach

    She looks NOTHING like the bikini girl on GTA V cover. Maybe besides the blonde hair.

  • AL

    She wishes she looked like the bikini girl from GTA 5 ! If anything the bikini girl looks like Kate Upton. And not once while playing that game did i or anyone else i know think that anyone or anything resembled lohan.

  • Mike

    Hopefully her lawyers remind her of the idea of “Fair Use” specifically the part on parody before spending too much effort on this.

    In other news… how does she have money enough to have lawyers?

    • Guest

      My first thought was parody. Can you imagine the hell that Wierd Al Yankovich would have gone through over the years without that fair use clause for parody? I know he reaches out to the people he parodies, and for the most part they are receptive, but they don’t have to agree.

  • LoLhan

    maybe she was thinking of saints row,,

  • Manuel Granados

    Lindsay needs to be put someplace where she can’t have human interaction for a couple years. Then try and rebuild her life and possibly career.

  • Mattysucks

    She must really need some crack money.

  • Tre Tastic

    haha i would like to see her go after them.. that would be amusing.

  • Andrew Arnold

    After she finally showed off her fun bags in Playboy, my interest in her has waned.

  • DoigtDuPeuple


  • Kairi

    Can we please let this go to court? On the condition that it is filmed and posted here so we can all get a few (hundred) laughs out of it?

  • Anonymous

    We all know what’s shes gonna use the money for so why even bother sewing them

  • BigKrazyKag

    Got a million girls looking just like that and if this lawsuit were to actually work then Rockstar realistically could go bankrupt as to many women could get away with the same claims.

  • cray

    Wow. Anything for some dope $. She figures they made billions on GTA5 & It’d b easy $, but then she has to hope the judge is as high as she is to even let it become a case. Read phonetically, ” I cuh make bil-yunds ivv I jush shue rox-tarr cuzh I thinkh thatch mee inna gabe. It kud b the crysh-tull meth umm extreeeemly high yon, buditchgodda b mee In gt-yay & i doe-neen rebember thim ashking mee for permishund. Wait. Em my inna ghame ride naow? Lummy shnort theshe lions, um mean lines n shee uf I’m shtill here. Huld on wudz my lawyerrrs nnnumberr? Mom shtop shmoking all my crack. Shave shum fermy”

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