Videogame BANG! #6: PS4 vs. Xbox One Console/Game Reviews

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The team spent an entire night confined in a room together for about 12 hours with a PS4, an Xbox One, a giant stack of video games, and of course some pizzas. We competed, we argued, we laughed and we cried, then immediately afterwards recorded this podcast episode, Videogame BANG! Official Console and Game Review Episode Extravaganza. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Why should I care what these assholes have to say?!” here is the reason.

The VGB team is a group of real friends, honest, unpaid, and overworked video game podcasters with nothing to gain or lose from the industries big shots. If a game sucks, we will tell you it sucks, if it’s awesome, we will tell you it’s awesome. The loyalties and bias that we DO have are all based on our real life consumer experiences and independent opinions.

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In this year’s console war, the debate is extremely heated, and no matter what was said in this episode, it will surely piss a lot of people off. We hope that you enjoy this special review episode of the show. We also challenge you to share what you agree with and what you disagree with in the comments below. Aaron and Cory promise to reply and tell you why you are wrong…


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