Another reason to Love Channing Tatum, sorry Jean-Claude Van Damme


If you didn’t already have a reason to love Channing Tatum, he is now giving you another one. The title of his biography should be “The Comedian Who Came Out of Nowhere”. A lot of people didn’t want to give him a chance, except for those like me who secretly like his movies (The Vow totally messed my shit up). He came out in 21 Jump Street and proved that he is hands down an awesome and funny actor. He has confirmed this again with the action-packed White House Down and a small cameo in my favorite comedy of the year, This Is The End.

Well to the main point. If you haven’t seen Jean-Claude Van Damme’s recent viral Volvo commercial featuring his epic split, I don’t know where you have been hiding. Channing Tatum recently tweeted a link called “Jenko’s Epic Split” where his character Jenko, from the upcoming 22 Jump Street movie, tries to perform a similarly hilarious stunt. Using the same music, style and captions, Channing Tatum did a great job with creating something original by copying someone else’s video (make sense?). If you want a good laugh and want to be inspired, you can check out the stunt spoof below!

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