Capcom 30th Anniversary – Character Encyclopedia (review)

Capcom was first established in 1983. Being both a Japanese developer and publisher, it owns the multi-millionaire franchises such as Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter and Mega Man, just to name a few. Originally a subsidiary of IRM Corporation in 1979, Capcom’s original name was Japanese Capsule Computers (this was the name used to describe the arcade machines produced at the time). In 1989, all assets were consolidated to become Capcom Co. Ltd.

Lord Raptor - Darkstalkers

Lord Raptor – Darkstalkers

To various Capcom fans, this book has probably come under their radar as soon as it was released. Published by Brady Games on October 21, 2013, The Character Encyclopedia contains over 200 characters from various Capcom franchises including both Japanese and US released versions. Each character is given a single page, with a short data box with some statistics on the character and game, and their localization of release and date are also included. Although some characters have had different designs as time pressed onward, the art design to which they are recognized as is represented in these pages.

Phoenix Wright - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

When this book came to my attention, my inner-child was giddy with anticipation. Although I have not played all of the games Capcom released, I compensated that flaw with sheer amount of research into their stories and characters over the years. I followed their enlisted artists, like UDON Entertainment. I knew exactly that even as a casual fan, this needed to be in my collection. To compare this with other franchise compendiums, this isn’t super-detailed, but it possesses a happy medium between lore-geekery and browsers. At over 200 characters, Capcom definitely showcases a stunning legacy!

Maki Genryusai - Final Fight

Maki Genryusai – Final Fight

This compendium is a hardcover volume that could withstand a fair amount of wear. The inner pages are semi-gloss, and the book can be found at various online retailers like Amazon for $8.72 as of this posting.

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