Power Rangers MegaForce 3DS Review – Just short of Mega

It’s been over a decade since I’ve really enjoyed a Power Rangers game. The two games that I still find fun to play are the side-scrolling action titles Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and Power Rangers: The Movie for the Super Nintendo. While the Power Ranger franchise has seen different iterations when it comes games, none have really caught the same essence of the originals.

Power Rangers MegaForce can be seen as a back-to-basics series, having some cool similarities to Mighty Morphin, the Power Rangers MegaForce game made for the 3DS re-introduces the side-scrolling action genre while adding touch screen capabilities. Using the touch screen allows you to switch out rangers, activate power cards and the power shot. In Zord battles you have three basic moves, special, attack and defense aka a game of rock,paper, scissors.

Stale gameplay also hurts the game a bit. For the most part you reach point A to B while defeating enemies, collecting a card, collecting coins and defeating bosses. The game has you control one of the five Power Rangers at all times except missions with the Robo Knight. You have switch access between them anytime during battle, and each ranger has their own health bar, which regenerates when not in battle.

Power Cards play an important role in the game and the series. The Rangers have lost their cards, so now you’ll have to collect them, with each having its own special properties which can be used against enemies or get through obstacles. The best use of the cards is to activate the Rangers Mega mode which equips your ranger with gold armor and huge stat and attack boosts. Using the Mega mode costs two card stocks but with all the cards you get around the stages and by downed enemies, it never is a problem.

The game tries to incorporate voice acting which is sometimes a nightmare. Certain audio clip loops over and over, even after completing an objective. While you are in the middle of finding cards and coins and/or fighting, you hear things like “Let’s flip the switch,” or “Get the Card,” which led me to enjoy the game more by turning the sound off.

Final Reaction

I am glad each ranger has a bit of a unique fighting style. Some are better than others, and certain points in the game force you to stick with one ranger for a full battle. Unfortunately too many enemies on the screen causes the game to have horrible lag.

Once you complete the game on normal mode, you can choose to play the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers instead. The only difference is the outfits as the cutscenes and voice acting are still all MegaForce focused. I found it funny activating the Mega mode on the classic rangers, which just adds an aura similar to that you see in Dragonball, they still deal higher damage without the armor. It would have been nice to see the Zord skins also change to the Megazord or the Dragonzord  just for nostalgia fun.

While the game has quite a few flaws, it does have a reason to keep the cart in your 3DS. Once you complete the main scenario; things such as hard mode will allow perfectionists to collect all the gold medals and unlock special stages.

Outside of gameplay, Power Rangers MegaForce uses the 3DS camera to snap a picture of yourself morphing you into a MegaForce Ranger. Since the MegaForce use Power Cards in the game, Aspect Digital Entertainment makes use of the Power Ranger cards as you scan them which gives different bonuses like stat boosts, unlocked scenes or themed photo frames allowing you to take different selfies with the MegaForce or even Original Power Rangers Team.

I do however suggest turning off the volume aside from the last stage and Zord battles.

Grade: C+

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