Bethesda registers new domain for Fallout 4: 2299; announcement to follow in 26 days


DISCLAIMER: There is a possibility that this is fake, and If so, I apologize in advance. Some things don’t add up such as the European date format, the goDaddy registry, and the IP being traced back to Poland. But let’s hope for the best. was just today registered by Bethesda entertainment.

In modern gaming society, it’s getting damn hard to hide any title announcements.
Thanks to wannabee code crusaders such as myself, we’re able to quickly decipher exactly what this new domain is. When inspecting the code element for ¬†, we see on line 98:

” <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’fallout.js‘></script> ”

Image courtesy of Reddit user: Ryan3395

Image courtesy of Reddit user: Ryan3395

Also, the Morse code being played repeatedly is called /radio/fall-river-6191da7f11n.mp3.

Fall River is Near Boston Massachusetts, so more than likely, this is where the new struggle will begin, or end. Although there is the possibility that this is fake, or off, I’ve been pretty lucky with rumors recently. This one reeks of success… or plague… either one works.

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