Assassin’s Creed IV reveals Desmond Miles’ fate (spoilers)

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

In the Assassin’s Creed game, you play as Desmond Miles, a modern-day Assassin who ran from his past and became a bartender. The Assassins and Templars have been raging a secret war ever since the dawn of man. He was discovered by Abstergo, the modern-day Templars, and was forced to go inside the Animus, a machine that can make you relive history via your ancestors. Abstergo needed help to retrieve information from the past in order to gain leverage by finding the pieces of Eden.

Through Desmond, we’re able to connect to his ancestors including Altair during The Crusades, Ezio during the Renaissance Era, and Connor during the American Revolution. In the end, Desmond Miles was killed off at the end of Assassin’s Creed III by a powerful being who’s responsible for shaping the modern world.

In Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, this will be the first console AC game where you won’t be controlling Desmond. Instead, you’ll be controlling an Abstergo employee. That said, Desmond does make an appearance in the form of an Easter egg.

Desmond was known as Subject 17 through Abstergo’s eyes, and now he will be known as Sample 17 (sad).

I think that he’s still alive somewhere. There’s no way you’re going to feature a character in 5 games and then kill him off in such an anti-climactic way. One theory fans have mentioned is that one of the pieces of Eden, the apple, may be used to manipulate people into thinking he’s dead. I hope that’s the case.

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