Review: Cambridge Audio’s Minx Go Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The market for portable audio has always been a fierce competition of who can provide the most features, highest clarity audio, and functionality for the lowest price. In its bracket, the Cambridge Audio (UK-based) Minx Go has surpassed multitudes of would-be competitors with its quality, affordability, and presentation. Priced competitively even to its own brothers, it delivers on everything Cambridge has promised with the exception of a few minor nuances.


The Minx Go isn’t small. Even for its Bluetooth portable speaker range, it’s still a titan.
Below, the image shows a comparison of the Minx Go to a Samsung S3, one of the largest smartphones (not including Notes) on the market.

Cambridge1Although size can be an issue, it has come with a blessing. All the wonderful features along with high quality subs make the Minx worth of its size, yet named somewhat ironically.
We can see a clean black finish along the back with a matte black mesh on the front covering the speakers. It’s carrying case will barely fit the beast, but a backpack or large purse can fit it quite snugly.


What else do you really need from a speaker? Aux input, USB charging, and Bluetooth for up to 8 devices to simultaneously connect with.

The minx really only has 3 buttons. Power (which is held down for pairing), volume up, and down.

cambridge7It can also be used with an AUX connection, just in case you’re one of the 4 people on the planet without a Bluetooth device these days. My one and only real issue arose when I had simultaneously connected the Minx to my PC through the AUX cable, and to my Phone through Bluetooth. Every message, bleep, or call goes directly to the device and will temporarily override the input from AUX.


This is where the Minx Go really shines. Pitch perfect highs, deep, melodic mids, with super bassy lows make this the ideal portable device for any audiophile on the go. The subwoofer on the back of the Minx is what kicks the bass into high gear for powerful, lasting sound.

Cambridge8As demonstrated in the video, the sound clarity stays stable from its lowest to its highest volume settings.


This speaker took me a while to review, roughly about a month. I spent most of that month trying to figure out if any competitors could scratch its price point. Not even one came close. Sound clarity was traded for a significant fiscal increase.

Grade: A

Additional Awards TBA: Nominated for Portable Speaker of The Year

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