One of Godzilla 2014’s Foes Names REVEALED!

affiche-godzilla-2014-1So we all know Godzilla is coming. We can hear the footsteps of one of cinema’s greatest beasts slowly approaching American shores. But he won’t be the only behemoth to grace the silver screen next year! has posted some items up for pre-order and we have discovered the name of one of Big G’s Nemesis. Here’s one of the descriptions:

“Godzilla 2014 Movie Deluxe Destruction Pack Case is an Urban Collector pre-order. Bring the excitement of Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla home with this deluxe ‘Destruction Pack’ featuring figures of Godzilla and the exclusive 8-legged Muto measuring 3.5′. Set includes two kaiju, plus three (3) destructible buildings & bridge, and five (5) military vehicles. Widnow box packaging.

Godzilla 2014 Movie Deluxe Destruction Pack Case is a pre-order item. Urban Collector pre-order item policies apply. Secure your new item by pre-ordering today.”

So it sounds a lot like this 8-legged kaiju may be a reference to one of Godzilla’s other classic foes, Kumonga, a giant tarantula. Will Godzilla have a case of Arachnophobia though? Not likely. Godzilla is said to be over three times the size of this unfortunate creature and by the looks of the teaser that had leaked a couple of weeks ago, I’d say he wasn’t really a match for our beloved King of the Monsters. Nothing is a match for that deadly radioactive fire blast! Still, it’s exciting to hear that Godzilla will finally be fighting some other kaiju in this movie, and hopefully we’ll get a lot more in future sequels!

Godzilla Kaiju

Unfortunately, pre-orders for these items are already sold out! Perhaps they’ll get more in before they release these items.

So how about it? Are you excited that Godzilla will be facing some other beasties in this new incarnation? Or would you rather have him be the main focus of the movie? Sound off in the comments below.

Directed by Gareth Edwards, Godzilla will be unleashed May 16th, 2014.

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