Forsaken Planet shows it’s an indie game to play

IMG_0119I’ve never heard about Forsaken Planet before Indiecade, and now I find myself playing this game quite a bit on my phone or on my tablet whenever I get a chance.

IMG_0118At Indiecade, Loot had a set up that included a few laptops, touchscreens, an Nvidia controller, an Ouya and tablets to show how easy you can play this game anywhere and everywhere.

Forsaken-Planet-2The game’s story is funny and silly, which makes it easily enjoyable. You work at an interstellar fast food place where they serve “chikkin”. Let’s just say you don’t want to know what’s inside. To save the business you travel around collecting different livestock or various other things and placing them in a machine.

Forsaken Planet is a free-to-play game that features a single player and multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is my favorite since it’s a race against other players to collect a lot of chikkins, collecting livestock and shooting your opponents down. You can even turn them into chikkin before they respawn. The game features both touch screen controls and the ability to connect/sync a controller to play. I found the best results come from a controller, but that is just my taste. The game’s controls are pretty simple for moving around, shooting opponents down and using your tractor beam to pick up livestock or enemies (this takes them to the machine to become chikkin to feed to people).

1356019315_screen_20121220_2148Loot gives players the ability to level up and customize their characters via playing the game or buying in-game currency. You can play for free once you download the game and sign up for an account. By signing up, you can keep your wins and experience, but you can also play casually and use the guest account.

Forsaken Planet is a fun game┬áto play casually or hardcore, and it’s something anyone can easily get into.

You can download it via the Google Play Store or Amazon apps, while getting more information at the Forsaken Planet page.

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