‘Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise’: Viral marketing from upcoming movie ‘Carrie’

Uploaded yesterday to YouTube, a hilarious, albeit terrifying, viral video stormed the social networks of a girl who surprises some unsuspecting customers at a coffee shop with her telekinesis. As I am writing this article, the video has already garnered 3.7 million views.

The prank comes to the masses from the team behind Carrie, starring Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass, 500 Days of Summer) and Julianne Moore (The Kids are All Right, Laws of Attraction) and opens in theaters October 18. The video was the creation of Thinkmodo, a New York-based viral video marketing company.

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Complete with actors, a stuntman and great remote-controlled props, the customers of ‘Snice Cafe in New York City’s West Village learned a valuable lesson about what happens to people who are rude to young women (or just a valuable lesson on how to put on the best prank ever! takes notes). Note the girl who had a freakin’ cameraphone up filming the entire set, thinking she was in some real shit.

carrie movie posterEvery company desperately tries to tap into the power of viral marketing–where viewers watch or read some content online (that was provided by a brand, most likely unknowingly) and it gets shared socially, fast. It can be entertaining or tear-jerking, but the point is to get people to watch something in the hopes that they attach that feeling to the brand it was originally provided by.

Viral marketing isn’t new at all, especially to movies. Anyone remember the one for Blair Witch Project?

Here’s a list of moviefone’s favorite viral marketing campaigns in movie history.

Whether the video above makes you want to see Carrie or not, at least it got you aware of the movie’s upcoming debut.

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