PS3 gets a patch for GTA Online, Xbox 360 still waiting


Grand Theft Auto V made over a billion dollars. Let’s assume that everybody purchased the regular version, that would mean we would have over 16 million players worldwide causing havoc in Los Santos. With GTA Online already launched this week, you can bet your ass that online connectivity is going to be a bitch. In the first few days of the online launch, I couldn’t get into a server at all (I was able to play online last night).

Rockstar Games has just announced that the title update for PlayStation 3 has been released. Xbox 360 update will be released soon today.

Rockstar Games is actively searching and fixing issues for GTA Online. You can check out theĀ dedicated listing of issues being looked into.

One of the resolved issues was that the PlayStation Network had a limit on how many players can go online simultaneously. Thanks to this fix, I was able to do some late-night missions and killing of other online players.

Fellow NR member Mark had an issue with progressing after theĀ first tutorial mission. I wasn’t able to perform missions with him because he had to complete the tutorial mission, which he already completed. Some players were able to bypass it by retrying the mission many times. Rockstar is looking into unblocking this completely.

Other issues being looked into include players who have instability issues in the open world beyond the tutorial mission. Rockstar will be disabling the GTA$ cash packs until things are running smoothly. You can still earn GTA$ by other means, like doing jobs and other missions that can net profit.

How is your GTA Online experience so far?

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