Fan-made Wonder Woman short single-handedly proves major studios wrong


It can be done.

Contrary to what major Hollywood movies studios have been saying, a 2 minute and 36 second fan-made short film has proven that an epic Wonder Woman film can be done. Starring the stunningly gorgeous Rileah Vanderbilt of Team Unicorn and produced by Rainfall Films, the short has drawn a ton of attention in the short amount of time it’s been available to view. The short was directed by Andrew Finch and also features fellow Team Unicorn member Clare Grant as well as Alicia Marie, America Young, Kimi Hughes, and Christy Hauptman. Much of the feedback has been extremely positive, which leads us to believe what most of us already know: It’s time for Wonder Woman to get a full-length feature of her own.

Watch Wonder Woman:

Bottom line: I was more impressed in less than three minutes by a group of fans than I was by some full-length major features (I’m looking at you, Man of Steel).

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