Even more Disney princesses/heroines cosplaying as their significant others


Godohelp is at it again with even more artworks of Disney princesses dressing up as their male counterparts. Previously we had some including Jane as Tarzan, Jasmine as Aladdin, Ariel as Prince Eric and more. Now we get some new ones including Pocahontas as John Smith, Mulan as Shang, Meg as Hercules, Esmeralda as Phoebes, Kida as Milo, Calhoun as Felix, Vanellope as Wreck-It Ralph and more.

costume_swap_7_by_godohelp-d6lzqz3 costume_swap_8_by_godohelp-d6lzqzq costume_swap_9_by_godohelp-d6lzqxu costume_swap_10_by_godohelp-d6mo9i9 costume_swap_11_by_godohelp-d6mo9j1 costume_swap_12_by_godohelp-d6mo9jc costume_swap_13_by_godohelp-d6n91i8 costume_swap_14_by_godohelp-d6n8z1h costume_swap_15_by_godohelp-d6n93yj

Source: Godohelp’s Deviantart

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