13 alternative ‘Friday the 13th’ movie posters

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! In honor of this “unlucky” day, I wanted to take a look at the famed horror series through the artwork of some very talented people. So curl up in your tent, put on your hockey masks (or burlap sacks), and scroll through our collection of 13 brilliant, alternative Friday the 13th movie posters. Enjoy!


Created by Amar Vijay at Empire magazine as a part of a series on horror movie weapons. See the set HERE 

f13 Steve Jencks

Poster created by Steve Jencks see more of his work HERE

fridaythe13th - MONDO Jay Shaw 01920121

Mondo Poster by Jay Shaw. See more of his poster art HERE


Poster art by Dan Mumford. See more of his work HERE

fridaythe13 doaly

Art found on Creattica and created by artist Doaly. See more work HERE


Created by artist Mark Wesler. See more HERE


Art by ultimatefandom. See the DeviantArt page HERE

ft13 poster My Name is Aiden

Created by MYNAMEISAIDEN. See more work HERE

friday13thbg - Chod

Art created by CHOD. See more work HERE


Created by Adam Rabalais. See more work HERE

f13b1b Victor Moreno

Created by Victor Moreno. See more work HERE

Designed by Francesco Francavilla

Created by Francesco Francavilla. See more work HERE


Created by Jamie Boylan. See more work HERE



Not an alternative poster, but too cool not to include. From Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

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