Video Games Live Kickstarter needs a boost, 3 days left

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Having been to a Video Games Live concert, I can tell you first hand that they put on a good show. If you’re at all interested in hearing some of your favorite video game music recreated via an orchestra, I highly recommend this kickstarter. This particular album that they’re kickstarting is titled, “Video Games Live: Level 3.”

If you’re willing to part with $5, you’ll get a 15-track digital album of “Bonus Round”, which is only available through the kickstarter campaign. Throwing in a tenner will net you that 15-track album plus the “Level 3” album that they’re currently crafting. Any Earthworm Jim fans out there may want to check the higher pledge levels for signed memorabilia.

Have a listen to the not-yet-orchestrated version of their Super Mario World arrangement at their kickstarter page. Even only being synthesized thus far, it sounds great.

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