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Elemental Blast is a card game for 3-7 players, created by Gregory Hingle, that is on Kickstarter right now and is in its final week. As Greg described it to me, the game plays a bit like UNO with a similar feel and pace, but is injected with more strategy because every card you play has an effect attached to it that will help you or hinder your opponents.

Every card you play is one of the seven elements in the game: Light, Earth, Fire, Water, Darkness, Wind, and the stretch-goal added Ice. When you play a card, the effect of that card is thematically tied to its element. For example, playing an Earth card has the “Grow” effect, which makes your hand grow larger by drawing 2 cards, or playing a Light card has the “Illuminate” effect which casts light on an opponent, which lets you to see their hand, and allowing you the opportunity to steal one of their cards.

The objective of the game is to get a “Blast” in your hand, which is a 5 of a kind of any element, such as 5 Fire cards or 5 Wind cards. The first player to get a “Blast” is the winner of the game. Players must use the elements strategically to acquire the right cards and prevent their opponents from doing the same.


Important decisions must be made in which element to try and collect a Blast of, because it will cause you to not want to play cards of that Element, thus losing out on its effects, unless you feel the cost is worth the potential gain. In addition, each element card can be played as its “x2” version, which is a more powerful version of that element, such as the Earth’s x2 version, which allows you to “Grow” like normal, but then additionally “Grow” again. This x2 version of a card can be played when you play a card that matches the one that was played previously to it, such as playing an Earth card on top of another Earth card played by the previous player.

The game’s art features a simple and clean style for each element – I think the art for the Earth card is a particular standout. The simple art style is rather fitting because the game itself is meant to be quick and casual.

The Kickstarter campaign has already reached its funding goal of $2,500, and at the time of this article is at $3,753 and aiming to reach its stretch goals with 5 days remaining. The first stretch goal has already been met, adding the Ice element to the game, and the next stretch goal is right around the corner ($4,000) which adds Wild cards to the game. If you’re looking for a casual card game, be sure to give Elemental Blast a look before time runs out.

Check out the Elemental Blast Kickstarter page here.

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