‘Siege of Orgrimmar’ trailer, aka s*** just got real!

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Let it never be said that Blizzard doesn’t know how to make a trailer. Seriously all the trailers they’ve ever made, or even just the cinematics they create, are among the most popular on a lot of “Top” lists. The newest one out of the woodwork is for the next upcoming patch for World of Warcraft, “Siege of Orgrimmar”, that was just released this morning, and it’s making it ever so tempting to renew my account:

To bring you up to speed, Thrall, the last war chief, left Garrosh in charge while he’s taking a much needed leave. Garrosh, in a short amount of time, has managed to piss off ALL of the other factions, even forcing the Alliance and Horde to team up and kick his ass to the curb. Honestly it’s a lot of built-up tension that hopefully will have an awesome climax. And even if you’re not a fan of WoW, you can at least appreciate the effort Blizzard puts into these vids.

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