Gamestop releases more copies of Xenoblade and charges $90 for a used copy – WTF?


Gamestop really knows how to take advantage of customers. Recently they “received” tons of used copies of the Gamestop and Nintendo exclusive game, Xenoblade Chronicles, to almost every store as well as being available online. Gamestop is labeling this as a Vintage selection of games and knows there are people who want the game after its short print run and are clearing out of all its new inventory. The asking price from Gamestop is $90 for this used game, while on eBay the game is selling for over $100. That isn’t a bad deal, however Gamestop is just taking advantage of the fact that they are reprinting new copies of the game and putting them on the shelf as used to charge whatever price they want. If it was sealed and brand new, they would have to let them go for the original asking price of $40.

Pretty dirty since they owned the rights to release the game, they can do whatever they want and profit off it immensely. You can say it’s the fault of people who didn’t pick up the game in the first place. Even though Gamestop likes to call themselves the place for gamers, do you really expect them not to take advantage of this?

In an official statement to Joystiq, Gamestop had this to say:

Gamestop regularly receives feedback from our PowerUp members regarding old titles they would like us to bring back, such as vintage games like Xenoblade Chronicles. We were recently able to source a limited number of copies of this title to carry in our stores and online.

In fact, we have sourced several more vintage titles that will be hitting stores in the coming months, including Metroid Prime Trilogy.

As always, our pricing for these games is competitive and is based on current market value driven by supply and demand. PowerUp Pro members always receive a 10 percent discount and earn PUR points on pre-owned purchases.

Well it looks like Gamestop has plans to get more games at these eBay-like prices, with the next being the Metroid Prime Trilogy. It’s already listed on the Gamestop website at $84.99. If they had to get it through multiple channels resulting in why the cost is so high, I could deal with that. Unfortunately, the truth is that they have the rights and had to get Nintendo to agree to let them print more copies.

Sometimes a game is so hard to find because it is out of print, but luckily there are some companies who work with certain developers to reprint games years after release to sell. This was very popular during the PS2 days. Atlus did this before with a company called Game Quest and released new copies of popular games like Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne and Digital Devil 1 and 2. Copies of those games can still be bought on Amazon for about $20. Atlus has even re-released popular Nintendo DS games like Radiant Historia and the Etrian Odyssey series at normal MSRP, to give customers a chance to pick up the game way under ebay prices.

Gamestop also took part of this during the PS2 era, as I remember walking into a Gamestop one day and looking through the PS2 used game rack and seeing some hard-to-find JRPG titles on sale as used. One day I picked up a used copy of Xenosaga 3 and everything was brand new, from the disc to the case and manual. The manager informed me that all Gamestop stores had received shipments of used games, but in fact they were new. Xenosaga 3 only cost me $19.99, so I was pretty happy since a new copy would have cost over $60. Oh the good old days.

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