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The Marvel Studios showcase began with Kevin Feige coming on stage to introduce to us some footage from Thor: The Dark World:

The Hall H footage opens with a giant battle waging between the Asgardians and an unknown enemy. We see a lot of explosions and Lady Sif battling. Next, as we see Volstagg kicking some ass, the bifrost light beams down and Mjolnir flies from the light to attack some enemies, then returns to Thor as he emerges from the light. Lady Sif tells Thor that she has “everything under control,” as Thor replies, “Then why is everything on fire?” An arrow shoots towards Thor, as Sif blocks it with her shield and tells Thor “you’re welcome.” A giant rock creature emerges from the enemy army and Lady Sif tells Thor that the creature is “all yours.” “Hello,” Thor tells the giant, “I accept your surrender.” The entire enemy army arrogantly laughs at Thor’s statement. Thor spins Mjolnir from the strap and tosses it in the air towards the rock creature, it. “Anyone else?” says Thor as he looks around.

We see shots of the dark elves, as well as Thor coming to Earth to get Jane Foster. “I gave you my word that I’d return.” A British officer points his gun at Thor and tells him to, “stand back, it’s dangerous.” “So am I,” Thor replies. We see shots of Asgard, and Jane Foster is amazed by what she sees with an emphatic “wow.” We see Thor enter the jail cell where Loki is being held, and recruits him to join his mission. We also see Sif and Volstagg threatening Loki, then Jane Foster smacking Loki, telling him “that was for New York.” “Oh, I like her.” Loki replies. There’s a voice over from Christopher Eccleston as we get a montage of footage from the movie similar, to what’s in the recently released trailer.

As the Thor: The Dark World title appears, we see Loki giving Jane Foster to Malekith and he tells him, “I just want to watch Earth burn.” Thor is crawling towards Jane, and as Mjolnir is about to reach Thor, Loki cuts off Thor’s hand.

After the footage, Feige introduces Tom Hiddleston to the stage (sorry no Loki speech this time around), Natalie Portman, and Sir Anthony Hopkins. Natalie Portman talks about how Jane Foster is the fish out of water this time around as she is in Asgard. Sir Anthony Hopkins tells the crowd that when he first saw Jane Foster on Asgard he didn’t want her there. But since Natalie was so beautiful she belongs in Asgard.


Next, we were introduced our first clip for Thor: The Dark World where we see Jane Foster’s first day on Asgard:

The clip opens with a nighttime scene of a building in Asgard. Jane Foster is on some sort of scanning machine, to where she asks “what’s that?” The Asgardians call the machine a “soul forge” to which Jane replies, “so it’s a quantum field generator.” Miffed, the Asgardians tell Jane it’s a device that does something (something that sounds scientific). Jane replies, “So it is a quantum field generator.” She looks at Thor and mouths, “Quantum field generator.” The Asgardian magician tells Thor that Jane is ill. Something inside of Jane, not of Earth and unknown to even the Asgardians, is making her ill.

In comes Odin, telling Thor that Jane should not be here. He makes a comment that Jane is a goat that should be with the other animals. Insulted, Jane asks Odin “who do you think you are?” Odin replies with, “the all-father and king of the nine realms.” “Oh,” Jane replies, “I’m Jane Foster.” “I know who you are,” says Odin. “You told your dad about me?” Jane says a smile. Thor smiles with a look like, “okay, yes I did.” Odin commands the guards to take her away.

As soon as the guards come near her, a flash of red light sends the guards flying away. Jane passes out as the magicians tell Thor that the infection is defending Jane. Odin then walks over and scans her inner right arm with something similar to a black light. What shows up are markings invisible to the naked eye. The camera shows Odin with a discouraged look on his face, and then the clip ends.


The footage had a great sense of humor to it, with Jane’s seemingly fish-out-of-water scenario. Jane Foster’s brash nature is a stark contrast to the proper Asgardian culture. This was also a big reveal to the audience that Jane Foster is ill (due to Malekith and the dark elves I assume) and essentially “dying”. I can’t wait to see the film in just 3 months.

Thor: The Dark World hammers into theaters November 8th, 2013.

Photos courtesy of Disney

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