D23 Expo: The Muppets return in Muppets Most Wanted


I’ve always been an avid Muppets fan since I was young, and it’s a great feeling to see that the franchise has stayed alive for this long. In the newest iteration, Muppets Most Wanted, Interpol is after the world’s most notorious criminal named Constantine. What’s so interesting about that you ask? He looks exactly like Kermit, a doppelganger if you will, except he has a mole.

The Muppets are currently on a world tour and are currently on the European leg of their trip. Paris is where Kermit runs into Constantine and you can imagine the hilarity that would ensue from there. In the trailer that was shown, we see Ty Burrell as French Interpol agent, Jean-Pierre Napoleon having a very funny face-off with Sam the Eagle in a contest of who has the bigger badge. We also catch a few glimpses of Danny Trejo in a prison setting with Kermit. At one point in the trailer, he even says, “the frog’s got cojones!”

We see Tina Fey as what appears to be a Russian prison guard named Nadya. As she slams a cell door shut and starts walking away, she yells “Lights out!” This literally blacks out the prison and then you hear a crash and her screaming “I can’t see anything, turn them back on!” As the lights come back on, you see that she ran into a table and had fallen over.


Ricky Gervais is also shown as Dominic Badguy, to which he states his last name is pronounced “bahd-gi”, it’s French. He’s the Muppets new manager, but it’s revealed as well that he is also known as “Number Two”, right hand to Constantine. After the trailer and a brief visit from Ty Burrell, we were shown an exclusive clip from the film.

The clip starts off with Dominic walking up to the Muppets in a theater and says, “It’s Kermit, back from his afternoon stroll!” Kermit says “I am Kermit”, but the first thing you notice is that he has a Russian accent that is trying to sound American. Here is where you figure out that it’s not Kermit at all, it’s Constantine, yet still unbeknownst to everyone else. Constantine tells everyone that he was wrong and to listen to whatever Dominic tells them.

The other Muppets go along with it without question as they think it’s Kermit. Well, almost everyone. Animal comes over and sniffs Constantine, then starts screaming “Bad frog! Bad frog!” He then chomps down on Constantine’s arm, with the other Muppets having to pull him off. Constantine kinda brushes it off and tells everyone to go rehearse “a heartwarming lesson about sharing or waiting your turn or the number three.” Him and Dominic then go to an office in the back of the theater. Constantine tells Dominic that “Phase 1 is complete and Phase 2 will begin soon.” Their plan is to pull off the greatest heist in history by stealing the crown jewels. “I’ll be the greatest thief in the world!” “But what about me?” Dominic asks. “Well my name will be first, then spacebar, spacebar, spacebar, spacebar, THEN your name.” Constantine says.


Constantine and Dominic then proceed to sing a song called “Number One”, which is about how Constantine is the one in charge and Dominic was “Number Two.” It’s pretty obvious that Dominic doesn’t enjoy being Number Two. In the middle of the song, Constantine yells at Dominic, “You’ve got to dance. Dance, monkey, dance!” Dominic is then forced into not just dancing but tap dancing as well. The song finally ends with Constantine standing on Dominic’s head, with Scooter “walking in on them.” As he gives a “two minutes to show time!” call, he awkwardly pauses seeing “Kermit” standing on Dominic’s head and then says, “Oh, okay…” and leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

The movie definitely looks to be another hit and I can’t wait to check it out. Muppets Most Wanted hits theaters on March 21, 2014. There isn’t an official trailer out yet, but check out the teaser trailer below.

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