Giveaway: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Combat Gear Shell Backpack

TMNT Combat Gear Shell Backpack

One of the coolest nerd accessories are the backpacks that are designed like your favorite movie or cartoon. I personally have an awesome Yoda and the cat from Trigun backpacks. There’s already a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack out there in the market, but there’s a new one called the TMNT Combat Gear Shell Backpack that comes with Raphael’s sai and Michelangelo’s nunchuk. We have teamed up with the guys over at to give one of you guys a chance to win the Combat Gear Shell Backpack. Yeah, I thought that would catch your attention.


Here’s how you enter. In the comment section below, give us a funny caption for the pic above of Michael Bay and the turtles. May the best comment win!

Contest ends on August 22, 2013. U.S. residence only. No PO Boxes. Winner will be announced shortly after the contest ends at the contest page. Once the winner is announced, they’ll have two weeks to claim the prize.

TMNT Combat Gear Shell backpack inside

TMNT Combat Gear Shell Backpack back view

From around the web:
  • Shane Lundberg

    Written under the pic in a caption….”Aliens”

  • Skye Aquino

    Michael Bay: Its been 5 days and they still haven’t realized i’m not a turtle. I have distracted them well with all my explosions and car chases.

  • AnneBridget

    “That chick April O’neill is into masks right?”

  • frozenc

    God, I just LOVE being a DERP-LE!!!

  • Chantell Reid

    Michael Bay: I keep my pizza snacks in my pocket, right here. Turtles: *mind blown

  • Rodrigo

    “I love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, except I don’t want them to be to teenagers, or mutants, or turtles, or ninjas. BOOM!”

  • Marisa

    God, I love being a “Director”

  • Terri Mulford

    Quick!!! Give him some pizza..he’s mutating into a human!

  • jess

    holy cow he ate so much pizza he turned human!!!

  • Reboot

    The turtles were excited at the chance of playing soccer with Edwin van der Sar, but disappointment will soon find them.

  • John Telschow

    “And then I said, of course Megan you can be April o’Neal”

  • Jennifer

    Donny: “Aliens, do you believe this guy?”

  • Taylor Holloway


  • Omero Hernandez

    This isn’t the set of transformers!

  •!/samsakara Shilo Beedy

    Michael Bay is telling the turtles about the time he turned down April for a date.

  • Mikebrown7733

    “Michelangelo, Put your shell back on your embarrassing us!”

  • tonkatoybox

    I just have to eat pizza…
    They wont know the difference!

  • Nicole Bouchard

    It’s my bachelor party I don’t remember asking for turtles ahh well im drunk who cares Let’s Party WOOHOO <3

  • Michael DeAnda

    “Did someone shave Master Splinter? And why is he wea ring Mikeys mask?……..SHREDDER!!!!”

  • Mark

    This was the most effort that Michael Bay had ever put into anything without adding CGI explosions.

  • Justin Alan Smith

    Donatello: “Either that’s not our Mikey or that wasn’t our Pizza!”

  • Johnny

    I will be Mikey an everyone will love me.

  • bananica

    Dude what kind of pizza did you order?!

  • frozenc


  • Nick Salvato

    The only thing that would make this picture better is a half naked April O’Neal on the back of a turtle as it transforms into a plane as he flies away from an explosion. Oh wait I think we have the wrong movie. Nah man I’m Michael Bay. BOOM.

  • The Jeffrey

    Yo Mikie… looks like you could use a Snickers, pal…. You’re not you when you’re hungry! Maybe you wanna eat 2 or 3 just to be safe!

  • Chris Parker

    “You’re gonna love this, Shredder is actually a Decepticon.”

  • manchesterca

    That’s right, THIS guy farted.

  • soy

    MichealBayangelo DUDE!!!!!!

  • eli

    This looks like a good spot to kick it and have some pie(pizza)

  • Lenny Tran

    Donatello: “Mikey! You need to consult us with the ooze before you booze.”

  • Eric L

    and to please the fans, Michael bay will be playing as Michelangelo, but with an exploding shell

  • Brittany Wheeler

    “If you thought I couldn’t mess up your childhood further, well, I am now starring in my own movie as the comedic relief!”

  • Rdot

    WOAH WOAH WOAH….are those Turtle Skin Shoes?

  • Jadis Illiana Argiope

    So I’ve been thinking about, and I’ve decided I want them to be “Super-Mutant Ninja Turtles”. And, when the time is right, a canister of ooze at their cores with release ooze into their veins and double, triple, quadruple—what’s fifty-times something?—their size, and then their arms, legs, heads, and tail (yes, these turtles will have tails) will pull in and their shells will combine to form the Ultimate Turtle Warrior.

  • Wesley Ferreira

    “And then I told them: Yes, you guys will be paid in Pizzas.”

  • Jacob Travis Brennan

    teenage mutant ninja director

  • Adam A Honsinger

    Michaelangelo Bay messing up my childhood since 07’!!!

  • GGorospe

    Michael Bay is explaining the new weapons loadout on the turtle van

  • GamjawanG

    You can hide behind a mask, but that still doesn’t change the fact that you’ve destroyed my childhood.

  • katiebot


  • Nader Michael Hanna Al-Shaikh

    Michael Bay ‘Do I get the part?’

  • Luis Luna

    I just thought the other Michael (Angelo) wasn’t as cool as this Michael (Me)

  • Tina Butts

    “where’s his shell? We can’t do the song if he doesn’t have the shell”

  • Lee

    just met the turtles, SHELLSHOCKED!

  • Laci Chapman

    “Yeah, I’m Michael-angello!!”

  • Kyle Anthoney


  • James Morris

    Aww mikey what was in that pizza?? You turned into a guy!!

  • Brandon Strohl

    Did he just say “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III” was his favorite?

  • Mike

    In a thought bubble “hmmmm, how can I incorporate inanimate objects to resemble testicles in this one….Eff it I will just give master splinter giant Hairy ones like that chipmunk meme I saw yesterday, thats cute right?”

  • Melissa Lynn Radden

    Omg he farted didn’t he

  • jessiekaye

    Oh no! It’s Turtles in Time all over again. Only instead of trading places with a samurai, Michaelangelo traded places with Michael Bay.

  • Andrew Mariano Guevarra

    Thats an awesome backpack.

  • David Martins

    Hey guys , I’ve decided to replace the turtles with talking cars. I just figured that it would work better with the explosions and action scenes .

  • The Sewer Den


  • Tracy Jeffords Martinez

    I make this mask look sexy!

  • Hope3089

    I want the awesome sauce backpack!!!!

  • Edwin Ventura

    Michael Bay: Thats Right I’m King.
    Turtles: WTF?

  • jeana piland

    RAF- Mikey what happened to u how is it that u mutated again did u get hit with more mutagen how did this happen leo- Donnie is there any way this is possible Donnie- what is master splinter going to say how are we ever going to explain this mikey-calm down dudes we will figure out some thing after we eat some of this bodacious pizza

  • fear himself

    Michelangelo was the only turtle smart enough to not sign on the dotted line…

    Mikey, have a Snickers bar Pizza… You tend to ruin our childhood when you’re hungry.

  • CerealGirl

    Love it!

  • athenaroze

    One of Leonardos experiments gone wrong, Michaelangelo is now a weird white guy!

  • Dinhergy

    They mutated Mikey into a HUMAN!!!

  • Antonio

    Mikey and Michael Jackson have the same skin doctor!

  • Cynthia Amador

    “Man I love being a turtle, but being human is fun. You think April will go on a date with me!?” ”
    Raphael: “Dude, this isn’t funny! You’re not cool under that mask. We want Mikey back!
    Even though he can be annoying most of the time”

  • Jeremy

    Looks like me and my son will have matching back packs!

  • Brian Urbina

    “What ROGAINE can do to a turtle…”

  • Nina Tellez

    i want that bac pac of ninja turtles

  • Brandon Carpenter

    “look it’s MichaelBayngelo!”

  • Sarah Benedict

    “Do you think anyone will notice that I had a little work done?”

  • Klarion

    Mikey you screw up at everything, you even screw up at being a turtle!

  • Chad

    I think this is what happens when you step in the ooze a second time guys!

  • Zack

    Donatello: Oh great now Mikey is the good looking one
    Raphael: Nope, still me.

  • Broskinos


  • Tim Torrez

    Look at Mikey Halloween Costume! ” Leonardo” i know he! suppose to be! Justin Bieber!! Right?? Raphael No. Dummy He is the guy from American Pickers! Donatello. Yeah thats mike from American Pickers! Rusty Gold!!! Lol.

  • Fallen Prodigy

    I wonder how long before they realize i’m not a turtle…

  • Simogen

    Those back packs are absolutely awesome!!

  • Simogen

    Mikey I Told you not to drink that bottle labeled transformers!!

  • Zack

    “Donatello: Oh great now Mikey is the good looking one.
    Raphael: Nope, still me.”

  • Tracy Buster Hayes

    “i think this looks cooler than that uhh.. Shredded guys costume. What do you think fellas?” -MB

  • Zack

    “Donatello: Oh great now Mikey is the good looking one
    Raphael: Nope, still me.”

  • Hershel Tendler

    “you guys smell that?”
    “yeah, what is that?”
    “it smells like something died in here!”

    Michael Bay: “yeah I did it….”

  • Aimee Gallardo

    that is awesome!!! my son would love that!!!

  • Heathaaaaaaa

    “Woah Mikey you look so different!
    Is that a new jacket?”

  • Panta

    how do i get this? ME WANT~~ LOL

  • Sarah Grace

    “4 is a crowd, when watching Megan Fox wash my car”, said Michael Bay.

  • Amarys

    Raph didn’t we tell you to stop picking up strangers!!! First April now this, no we aren’t replacing Mikey.

  • Joseph Guziejka

    Will someone please apologize to Michelangelo? We need to get him back, I can’t stand his replacement, he has no ninja skills and just blows everything up!

  • Angela Holbrook

    My son (who is 4 years old) told his Dad and I that he wants to be a ninja turtle when he grows up. He was upset that “Santa” did not bring him the “web toes” he asked for. Please make his 1st year at preschool awesome with this bag! Thanks.

  • Lori Pruitt

    Oh no! Mikey got in to the mutagin again!

  • Alicia Morston

    really cute !

  • Alex

    how did i get in mixed in with these weirdos

  • De Ramirez Bazan Sara

    Yes, Dudes and Dudettes, major-league butt-kicking is back in town. “God, I LOVE BEING A TURTLE!” -Is he for real?

  • Sara Bowers Clugston

    My son would think he was the coolest kid in school with this backpack!!!

  • Martha Schwartz

    “I said it before and I’ll say it again…. I love being an Alien!”

  • Daniel DiCarlo

    Hey Michelangelo, have a snickers, you become an annoying director who’s obsessed with special effects when your hungry.

  • JarrettTheGuy

    Raphael is Cool, but Rude
    MichaelBaygelo is a bad movie dude!

  • Audrey Griffis

    wow love it thanks for the chance

  • Johnny Crackcorn

    Michael bay: don’t worry the sequels will be better

  • Antonio Forte

    Shredder: “Don’t worry Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady will return with the equipment on schedule, you’ll see”
    Krang: “Well they’d better for your sake! *Turns a Dark Purple Color* If those two bumbling cretins spoil my plans you’re gonna pay for it big time!”
    Shredder: “I never realized how purple brings out the lavender in your eyes”
    Krang: “Why thank you, do you think….ARRRRGGGGG!!!!!!”

  • Leni Van Rompaey

    Michael Bay – “I’m so gonna shred them turtles!”

  • Izzy Jones

    “It’s Mike.” “Yeah, a little too Mike!”

  • Jay

    Don’t look at me like that you all know the ooze combined with the right dose of pizza can turn us into a human basic mutant turtle knowledge dudes

  • coyotezeye

    We are warning you now Micheal Bay this movie better not suck like Transformers 2 and for the last time we arent aliens dude. cowabunga

  • Lisa Marie Paradee

    Who needs to cast an actor to play a turtle, when you can be a turtle in a half shell and replace “cut” with “Cowabunga!”

  • saikuz tseke

    Ahh! without out my shell im just a dude in a mask! :( #turtlepower

  • Talon Angela C. Adams

    “This isn’t the first time I’ve been shell shocked.”

    • steff

      ha! nice

  • Doris C

    Love the show, watching rigth now the movie with my kids. :)

  • jfriedrich

    My son would love this for his backpack to take to school and MMA lessons! Plus his birthday is this month.

  • Josh Hager

    Mikey lost his mojo…

  • Perry Berry Jr.

    this would be a great home for me! ^_^ COWABUNGGA !!

  • justina justice


  • carlos gonzalez

    Michael bay: where’s my pizza pizza dude has 30 seconds. Michelangelos line from the first turtles movie

  • Earl L. Nichols

    You gotta be kidd’en me!!! -Raph
    ??? -Leo
    What a geek!!! HaHa -Don

  • jason

    Hey! I thought we were Asian!! :)

  • Nicholas Graham

    What happened to Mikey?

  • nate r


  • Rebecca Haines

    Don: “Hah, this guy thinks he can pass for Mikey!”
    Raph: “Even Mikey isn’t that dumb.”

  • Peaches

    Bro, i think brought home the wrong Mikey!

  • Peaches

    Dude! I think we got the wrong Mikey!

  • Nathan Ross

    “With this mask, they thought I was Sharlto Copley. Then I started talking about explosions…”

  • Brooke

    Donatello: Hahahaha you look hilarious dude that masks is soo not working for you. Where is Mikey anyways? Leo: hey would you guys stop goofing off its time to train.Michael take that mask off you look ridiculous! Raphael: OMG would you guys stop yelling already!!! Michael Bay: hahahahahah you really think i look that bad man I totally thought i was selling it.

  • Raymond Lamont Harris II

    Turtles:Michael Bay the brand new “Mikey”

    Michael Bay: Well duh I did just buy the pizza. cowabunga Dudes!!!

  • Jessica Skipper

    DUDE! You want US to help you fight the Decepticons?!?!

  • Arline

    Gnarly Dudes its MichaelBAYngelo !!

  • Fernando

    Something is shell a wrong!

  • Adam Foster

    “mikey we’ve been over this, no more ordering pizza from that joint shredder took over. you know he laces the crust with mutagen. geez you’re turning into michael bay for crying out loud!!”

  • Danielle Wuest

    ohhh my god… mikey’s been a human disguised as one of this whole time!

  • Rickey Williams

    Michelangelo refused to work with me after reading the script. So I will be filling in his place. Please call me MichelBaygelo!

  • xt

    All 3 In Unison: “Mikeeeeey!”

  • Chuck

    “Dammit, who ordered anchovies on the pizza again?!”

  • Cody Mix

    “Cowabunga? COWABLUNDER!”

  • SillyEllie

    Leonardo: *thinks Michelangelo looks a little different*
    Donatello: “Do you see his hair?”
    Raphael: “This is a nightmare!”
    Michael Bay: *thinks “If I smile, no one will ever notice.”*

  • Barbi Michelle Wilkerson

    Mikey, no! You think your people!

  • Barbi Michelle Wilkerson

    yo, everyone is telling me you are what you eat! So…

  • Barbi Michelle Wilkerson

    first they take away Cowabunga.then they decide there’s not enough females attracted to the show

  • Barbi Michelle Wilkerson

    dibs on April!

  • Natasha Georgescu

    Donatello: “Elf lips.” Casey Jones: “Dome head” Donatello: feels his head with comic realization….

  • Jeff Barr

    “Holy Shell! Michelangelo is actually a cheesy Transformer! Let’s beat him senseless!”

  • Kha0

    “MIKEY?!?! Holy Cow! Did the ooze do that?!?!”

  • Julia Lentz

    “I feel like I’m in an ugly convention.”

    “Then you must feel right at home.”

  • Donna W

    I can’t believe Shredder and his Foot Clan did this to you, Mikey! This is not cool, Shredder you’re gonna pay!

  • Mitchell Netzer

    Mikey, this is the worst joke you’ve ever played.

  • Batmanfan2400

    “Somehow in a room with mutants, I end up being the one to get picked on.” ~MichelBAYgelo

  • WolverineChops

    We should have flushed him down the toilet…



  • Maff Mace

    “Look! he’s as bald as us from the back!”

  • Enjolras

    yo. you hungry mikey? eat a twix. you turn into a human when you’re hungry.

  • David

    conficius say:
    when childhood memories are raped, Michael is not far away

  • Joel Martin

    Never lower your eyes to an enemy.

  • Joel Martin

    I wonder where in the hell he got those things, anyway. (Charles TMNT1)

  • bipple305

    “After this photo was taken, Michael Bay made everything explode…. it was awesome.”

  • darrellwetzel

    Ralph: either its Halloween or mikey is adopted! Leo: Ralph its January 3rd… Ralph: oh man I get the feeling the way this guy looks something’s bound to get F’ed up…

  • rephael martinez

    The turtles: Guys, should we really let this dude be one of us? Remember the Nightmare on Elm Street Remake?!?….Wait a second, where’s Mikey!!!!!??????!?!?!?!?!

  • devalera01

    “Turtles? Robots? Dollar bills, bay-bay!”

  • Sarah Benedict

    “Hey Mikey, what kind of mushrooms were on that pizza?!?!”



  • orlando

    I thought you were black dude!!?

  • Barry Kang

    Sweet pack!

  • Jill McHale

    Dude! What happened to your shell?!!

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  • PewDiePie

    I hope they’re ready for all the unnecessary explosions theres going to be!