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Hyundai TWD

The Walking Dead fans, you know you’ve wanted to build your own zombie apocalypse car. Well now you have your chance with Hyundai’s The Walking Dead Chop Shop app (desktop version also available).

The app gives you three vehicles to choose from; the Veloster Turbo, Santa Fe, and the Elantra. Once you’ve selected your ride, it’s time to customize. You have your standard features like selecting your color, but after that you can go mad with power by adding armor, weapons, and helpful decals that really help express your individuality during the zombie apocalypse. My favorite option that is totally kick ass, is the roof mounted flamethrower. You have to love the smell of napalm in the afternoon. With almost 300 different parts to choose from, you can really eat up an afternoon thinking of new ways to take down zombies.

After you build your zombie killing dream machine, the app gives you a survivability percentage rating, letting you know if you should get back to the drawing board or if you’re ready to take down some walkers like a boss. You can also share your masterpiece with friends on Facebook and Twitter. The best part of all, Hyundai will choose one of the vehicles you create and build it for New York Comic-Con in October. So get to building your dream zombie killing machine and see if Hyundai chooses your creation as the best zombie killer!

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