Contest: Winner announced for PACIFIC RIM giveaway


It’s time to announce the winners for our PACIFIC RIM giveaway, where one lucky winner will get to own everything in the image below! Yes, that’s some serious swag from the film that one lucky person’s going to get.


For the contest I had entrants answer two trivia questions from a featurette video I posted, and answer the Tiebreaker question at the end. A lot of you entered our contest and got the two trivia questions correct, so it everything came down to the tiebreaker question. Everyone came up with some great ideas — mostly involving chainsaws, rail guns, missles, and armor spikes — but one of you caught my eye with your creative idea. So without further ado the winner is Danielle Stone!

Oh man, what wouldn’t I put into my Jaeger is the question. For me, I would of course implement a jump-jet (though that would take an INSANE amount of thruster force). On the more original side, my “weapon” building would be focused on the exterior of my Jaeger. I would design the metal work in a curved fashion, protruding out from the back, calves, and elbows of the Jaeger. This way, if knocked down (as they are rather top heavy) the curved metal would act as a roll cage. Utilizing the momentum of its own fall, my Jaeger would be able to roll backwards and complete a full somersault, putting it right back on its feet.

I loved the idea of having the metal work on the Jaeger act as a roll cage, as this is something I haven’t seen before in an anime before. I also liked the idea of having a jet-propelled jump as well. You can do some serious damage with a jump-jet punch to a Kaiju’s face.

So Danielle, you have a week to contact me through my email (which can be find on our about page). If your time is up, the prize will be forfeit to another.

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