SDCC 2013: Game of Thrones Ascent at the Game of Thrones Experience


Fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones were flocking to the Game of Thrones Experience at San Diego’s Realm Exhibition, across from the Omni Hotel. As fans lined up and down the street, Nerd Reactor was given a special inside look into the exhibit and Disruptor Beam’s new game, Game of Thrones Ascent, currently available on their website and on Facebook. Fans of the ‘Mafia Wars‘ game on Facebook will be right at home with this game, so start designing those sigils and writing your house words!

After creating your character and naming your house you will start off the game by completing a quest for Robert Baratheon, current king of Westeros, who rewards you by giving you a stake of land and making you into a noble. The object of the game is to level up your house and rise through the ranks to gain as many power points as possible. There are also several decisions to make that will influence a player’s stats and the story (think Mass Effect) depending on which decision they make. Some of the choices are downright brutal, but what else can we expect from a universe where the (Spoilers) main character’s head gets chopped off at the end of the first season? (End Spoilers)

Once your character starts leveling up you will be able to build special buildings in your holdings such as a counting house and a blacksmith. You’ll also be able to hire sworn swords who will carry out quests and adventures and help you improve your stake in the Game of Thrones universe. Using your freshly built buildings you’ll have to create and use resources to advance throughout the game. Boons and other power-ups will also be available to help you create resources and speed up your quests.

There are many different ways to complete your quest and characters will not only have to fight their way out of a nasty situation, but will need to harness their inner Tyrion Lannister and talk their way to their goals. You can spy, harass, buy and do all sorts of things to get what you want. The game has several ways of interacting with your friends and you’ll be able to ally yourself with them via Facebook and even marry your offspring to theirs in a bid to up those precious power points. Be careful though as once you hit level 5 you’ll unlock player-to-player battles, so make sure to keep your friends close and your Greyjoys closer.

While we tend to be more critical of movies based off of books or comic books, this game allow the developers a certain amount of freedom. Players are able to weave their own story lines while remaining within the confines of the source material, something Game of Thrones Ascent does nicely. Jessica Sliwinski, lead narrative designer of the game, noted that new content is released every Monday based off of the previous night’s episode, and that Players will be able to complete special quests and get special items. During the off season of the show, Jessica and her team have to find a way to add to the game without straying too far away from the source material. While the online game boasts 100,000+ monthly users on Facebook, Disruptor Beam is currently working on iOS and Android versions of the game that will be released in the near future.

After checking out the game, fans were invited to enter special contests, get custom house shirts and view artwork and special Pop! figurines that were exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con. For those fans who couldn’t make it down to the Game of Thrones Experience this past weekend, check out the gallery below!



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