The original Power Rangers (US version) are back in a brand new graphic novel


Remember the ’90s? Remember the original Power Rangers? Of course you do; it was a staple of that decade much like boy bands and Zima. ’90s kids spent hours watching their favorite colorful teens fight the evil Rita Repulsa and her horde of Putties. Now they can read about this in a new series of graphic novels.

Although the company Papercutz is already publishing a Power Rangers graphic novel series, MTV Geek! reports that they’re about to launch a graphic novel series called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which will star the original Power Rangers team from the early ’90s.

The project is unique in that it will be a companion series and will act like lost episodes from the original television program. Stefan Petrucha is set to write and PH Marcondes will illustrate the books. The first book is set to debut in May of 2014 and will take place at the start of the series before The Green Ranger and Lord Zed have been introduced.

When asked what he was the most excited about in bringing back the old team of Power Rangers, series editor Michael Petranek replied,”the huge level of spectacle that telling these stories in comics allows us to use.” He continued by saying “the action scenes we put on paper would cost tens of millions of dollars to shoot on film. I want to put the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in bigger battles than anyone’s ever seen.”

The original series ran for 145 episodes from 1993 to 1995 and spawned several spin-offs and movies.

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