Nyko readies for two-screen gaming with the Smart Clip

Nyko Smart Clip Xbox One

While the portable 3DS and DS revitalized the twin-screen scene, publishers and hardware manufacturers seem to be more than happy to take advantage of that option for home consoles. The Wii U launched last Fall with a controller that has a second screen built right in, and Xbox One and PS4 games will be including that functionality via cell phones (and the PS Vita). Seeing potential there, Nyko has a new peripheral that they’re working on called the Smart Clip.

Nyko Smart Clip PS4

The Smart Clip is a simple peripheral, but one that some players may find to be invaluable when cell phones and gaming consoles collide. It clips onto your Xbox One or PS4 controller, and allows a cell phone (up to 3.5 inches wide) to be gripped and set into place. The prototype that I saw was sturdy, and it held the cell phone in place well. At the same time, it surprisingly didn’t seem like it would do any damage to the phone.

The one thing I wonder about is whether or not the added weight from the clip and the phone will impede prolonged play. With the convenience of having your phone right in front of you without having to put down your controller, I think some players will be perfectly willing to accept this inconvenience.

Would you consider picking up the Smart Clip for quick access to things like Gamefaqs, or for games that put an emphasis on the second screen for gaming?

The Smart Clip should be available this Fall for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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