Ghostbusters: Animated…sort of

Have you ever wondered what an animated Ghostbusters film might look like? No, not the Real Ghostbusters cartoon from the 80s, a feature length animated movie? Apparently artist Dan Schoening has, because he’s created some of the coolest GB art ever.

Recreating some of the scenes from the films, as well as a few that occurred off screen, artist Dan Schoening has created a series of Ghostbusters art that look like stills from animated versions of the films.¬†Though it has apparently become tradition for Mr. Schoening to release a new Ghostbusters sketch around Halloween every year, he has also contributed to IDW’s GB comic series. If you like Mr. Schoening’s work you should check out his blog and DeviantArt page.

If Dan Akroyd ever gets Ghostbusters 3 off the ground, they should seriously consider animating it, and they should give Dan Schoening a call.

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