So they made a game about San Diego Comic-Con

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Yes, now you can experience the craziness of San Diego Comic-Con in the palm of your hands with Comic-Con Star Stalker for iPhones and iPads. From Devastator, the game is a free, 2D endless runner game for iOS where you have to avoid obstacles like security and try to get autographs. It will be available on July 15th.

Synopsis: “You play as Seth, a fanboy looking to score all the nerdlebrity autographs at Comic-Con. Leap over crowds and cosplayers! Eat nachos for intestine-destroying speed! Read the hilarious signatures you collect in your Autograph Book! Our game is the ultimate Comic-Con swag, and you won’t even need a cripplingly large Supernatural bag to carry it!”

Download the free app below:

iPhone version

iPad version

If you’re at San Diego, you can visit The Devastator at Booth F-03 (up Aisle 800 in Hall A) to play the game on a mini-arcade and meet the creators.

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