Review – Ear Force PX22 Amplified Universal Gaming Headset by Turtle Beach

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With an “MLG” logo on the side, it’s readily apparent that Turtle Beach wants to be known as the premier headset for online gaming. We received a set of their Ear Force PX22 Amplified Universal Gaming Headsets for review. I took to the brand new game The Last of Us, to put the PX22s through their paces.

Compatibility: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, other hardware that requires 3.5mm audio cables

Price: $79.99

Powered by: USB (no AC adapter necessary)

Speakers: 50mm

Sound Quality

One of the key things that gamers want out of a headset for gaming online is the ability to better hear the location of opponents. Playing the Last of Us online, I was in fact able to hear from which direction sounds were coming from. I could hear bullets whizzing from right to left, and if something was at my 10 o’clock, that’s where I heard it from (not from a general 12 o’clock, for example). In online gaming, it’s important to get as much aural input as possible. In this regard, the PX22s didn’t disappoint.

The overall quality of the sound on this headset is high. Listening to the Super Mario Galaxy 2 orchestrated soundtrack, the bass on the drums and other lower instruments was nice and dense. At the same time, high notes from violins and horned instruments were always clear and easy to distinguish from the other notes. The same was true while listening to Cake’s “Never There”: Even after boosting the bass to its maximum, the high notes remained crisp and didn’t get lost in the mix.

Songs like “Bombing Mission” from the Final Fantasy “Distant Worlds” concert allowed the headphones to really shine. They created a sound landscape, each instrument having its own section. The stringed instruments, horns and piano were vibrant from every corner, and in the midst of the chaos a thumping snare drum drove up the center. It wasn’t exactly like being at the concert, but it was close enough.

Form Factor

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I found the form factor to be fairly good as well. Most of the set is made up of plastic, but it seems very durable nonetheless. The head cushion is nice and thick, and the sewing on the top is of high quality. The boom microphone’s cord is metal and bendable, but it’s sturdy enough to keep the shape that you put it in.

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The cushion of the ear cups is thick, providing plenty of comfort. The material on them is cloth and they have good ventilation. As opposed to the type of ear cups that are encased in a type of rubber material, these ones should help to keep your ears relatively cool during long play sessions. It’s nice that the ear cups have a little bit of swivel movement to adjust to different head and ear shapes.

Wearing them did take some getting used to. Whether it’s because I have a larger than normal head, or that the headset is meant for younger gamers, it took some time to break them in. The headphones have adjustable arms to suit various sized heads, but I still found them to push inward harder than I wanted them to. However, they did become more comfortable as I wore them in.


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The PX22s come with a useful control module. With it, users can adjust bass and treble on the fly. There’s volume control for the other people in online games. These headphones cover your ears, so it can be hard to hear yourself speak. However, there’s a volume control for the mic as well (“mic monitor”), allowing your mic to feed into your headphones as loudly as you want it to. Lastly, a switch on the control module allows users to take calls (diminishing the game sound), to turn the mic off, to boost chat, or to switch to normal chat. One feature that gamers are sure to love is the ability to plug in an MP3 player, simultaneously listening to their game and music (with independent volume control!).

My only minor gripe here is that the switch doesn’t have a lot of play between functions. It’s easy to overshoot the function that you were trying to switch to, so you have to pay more attention to it than you should.


Setting up these headphones for use with a gaming system is very easy. Red and white audio cables go into the back of your television, and the control module connects via USB into the PS3 (or PC) for power. I was able to easily disconnect the cables from my PS3 and plug them into my laptop. Another great feature is the fact that the headphones can detach from the control module for use with a phone, portable game system, MP3 player, or whatever else that will take a 3.5mm audio cable. Whether on PC, console, or any of the other devices listed, this headphone set can easily be connected to any of them.


For gamers who want a good pair of headphones to give them an edge in online warfare, you can’t go wrong with the PX22s. Listening to music with them was more enjoyable than I expected them to be considering their niche as gaming headphones. The control module allows users to modify their listening experience, even allowing for calls without taking the headphones off. For their convenience, features, high quality sound, and ability to be utilized on various pieces of hardware, the Ear Force PX22s are a great multipurpose set of headphones that we wholeheartedly recommend.

Grade: A


High quality sound for gaming and music
A ridiculous amount of features
Control Module makes alterations convenient
Can be quickly switched to almost any device


Can’t replace head cushion when it eventually wears out
Switch on control module could be better
Large-headed people may take awhile to acclimate to them

Included in the box

Quick Start Guide
Turtle Beach Sticker
3.5mm, 4-pole Auxiliary Cable (MP3 player, phones etc.)
Xbox 360 Chat Cable
PX22 Headset and control module

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