E3 2013: South Park Stick of Truth – From the twisted minds of Matt Stone and Trey Parker

For 16 years the children of South Park have wreaked havoc, made fun of religion and celebrities (do you like fish sticks?) and have gotten away with so much odd and twisted stuff that it has become one of America’s most controversial and favorite cartoons to watch.

While this isn’t the first South Park game for consoles, they all have been pretty tame compared to this one…


Ubisoft’s booth at E3 included a small demo of the game.  In the game the new kid has joined Eric Cartman in his pursuit of the Stick of Truth. The new kid along with Butters must make their way through South Park Elementary school, where factions have been created, and they all want Stick of Truth.

South Park’s new game Stick of Truth doesn’t hold back, as we’ll be seeing poops tgriwb, a vibrator for a sword, tons of farts and lots and lots of dirty language. You will be able to decide who you will fight for as Eric Cartman will face off against Stan the Paladin and Kyle the high Jewelf in this Action RPG title.

The new kid (you) has a special power, the ability to control his farts. He can focus his farts to the point where he can throw them at enemies, items, or lighting a fire. While the South Park cartoon usually cuts from scene to scene, Matt and Trey, along with Obsidian Entertainment, created a full world which will be centered around not just inside the school, but all along the city of South Park. This is brand new just for the game.

Battles are played out just like a turn-based RPG games. By touching an opponent you enter battle. You control Butters and the new kid, who are equipped with different skills with cool names. A thunder attack has your character throwing water at the opponents. This is followed by tossing an electrical item onto the water. There’s an ice-based skill where you can pull out a fire extinguisher, which all require mp. In a tribute to a specific episode, mana is restored by eating a Chipotle burrito.

Along the way the new kid will learn special abilities from characters in the South Park universe including the Underpants Gnomes, Randy Marsh and more.

South Park Stick of Truth has lots of dirty jokes, parodies, and plenty of nasty stuff and is looking to be a fun, silly and promising game. For non-South Park fans, this can go either way.

“Nothing to see here move along!”

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